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Welcome to Abuhussaintrading LLC


Abu Hussain Trading LLC is an Oman based company dealing in whole sale of fresh fruits, vegetables, food stuff and eggs. We at Abu Hussain Trading LLC pride ourselves in providing fresh fruits at the best possible price. We have a massive supply of fresh fruits and vegetables available on a daily basis and have cold store facilities where we can store over 500 pallets. With our new Organics range we are able to supply a fantastic variety of organic products from our suppliers that we are able to guarantee as truly organic. We supply Fruits as wholesale only. 


Abu Hussain Trading LLC is one of the Oman’s leading importer and exporter of fresh fruits, vegetables, food stuff and eggs. Based in Oman we have years of experience in supplying the region with the best products from all over the world. At Abu Hussain Trading LLC, we believe in providing our customers with the finest selection of regional and international fresh fruits and vegetables. Our customers “insist on the best “and we ensure their requirements are met.